Catherine Repko
London based artist

Four women | 2019 - present
Currently in my practice I am working on a series of paintings based on the relationships between myself and my three sisters. I’m interested in the space between us, our relationship growing up together and what connects us as now as adults; how we support each other and what these female relationships mean to me as a woman now - both specifically with these three women, but also thinking about our relationships more broadly. Though a sisterhood is the root of my current work, I am thinking also about being daughters, about motherhood, our humanity – at a time that feels so increasingly polarised both socially and politically, in my work I’m bringing togetherness to the forefront.

I am the third of four sisters. These women in my life are the foundation of my very identity; they represent, quite literally, what it means to me to be a woman: the ineffable experience of girlhood, the subsequent passage from girlhood to womanhood, a shared and intertwined history with these three women. A sisterhood.
This year, the studio became filled with cheap print-outs of pixelated faces of my three sisters, faces from different angles, photographs of us together, now as women: embracing, hands held, fingers intertwined - a deep connection, empathy, love and history. Thinking about the space between us now, as adults, how we support each other and what these female relationships mean to me as a woman now, I began painting. Four women.

Held | 2013 - present
Certain themes run through my work - a heavy grieving, a death, a sense of displacement. These weights are expressed within my work, but they are held in a search to find light through sharing, of holding these weights in our work, and of finding something of a joy amongst all of it. Of sharing together.  More beautiful together.

The work claims no answers, no great ideas, no beauty; this work is made of questions.
Seeking, seeking, seeking.
O, we search.